FIT screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers. The good news is that CRC incidence and mortality can be reduced significantly if detected early enough.

Faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) are non-invasive and can detect blood in stool invisible to the naked eye. Due to its simplicity, FIT is currently considered the best non-invasive test for CRC screening.

Invest a little time in your own health by taking the FIT to prevent or detect colon cancer early on.
For further information, please visit our ‘FIT for screening’ website

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Bone marrow histology of a patient with sarcoidosis

Bone marrow histology of a patient with sarcoidosis

Bone marrow histology (Giemsa stain) of a patient with sarcoidosis. This is a systemic disease of the connective tissue with granuloma formation and of unknown cause. However, a mutation in the BTNL2 gene greatly increases the risk of developing sarcoidosis. The granuloma consists of so-called 'epitheloid' cells, which derive from macrophages, and Langhans giant cells (not to be confused with Langerhans cells).

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