Sysmex South Africa

Invitation to Sysmex Symposium at the ASLM 2016

Wednesday  7th December  
Evening session 19:00 – 20:30 pm
Room 2.4 at the Cape Town International Conference centre

Dear Delegate
It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to our Sysmex Symposium at this year’s ASLM Conference in Cape Town.


Unpacking Public Private Partnership (PPP) myths and opportunities

 We look forward to welcoming you at our Symposium.

Guest Speakers

Chair: Dr Trevor Peter, PhD; Senior Scientific Director, Diagnostics, Clinton Health Access

Ms Jill Jensen, Dr PH Candidate; Columbia University; Mailman School of Public Health

Prof Jan du Toit; Director of Africa Centre of HIV/AIDS Management at Stellenbosch University

Harold Kaura; Chief Operations Officer, technical operations Namibia institute of pathology

Dr Ahmed Kalebi; Group Managing Director & Consultant Pathologist, Lancet Group of Laboratories East Africa

Topic: Unpacking Public Private Partnership (PPP) myths and opportunities

The UNAIDS 90-90-90 vision mobilised policy makers around the globe to embark on massive biomedical, behaviour change and structural programs in response to the HIV epidemic. Since the dust of the initial enthusiasm has settled, critical voices have started questioning the financial impact of these programs for lower and middle income countries (LMIC) and upper- middle income countries. The majority of HIV/AIDS high burden countries continue to depend on external aid. In the most recent replenishment round the Global Fund raised $12.9 billion, falling $100 million short of its target.  It is estimated that by 2020 the funding gap will rise to 5-6bn USD.

Consequently in 2014 the Global Fund shifted its funding principles and included an “able to pay” policy, with additional changes like the fund’s Eligibility Policy that has seen a number of middle-income countries transitioning off support as well as other countries becoming ineligible for funding. Such limitations in external funding will result in countries failing to reach the targets and/or to reduce investments in otherwise needed development projects. Therefore, countries are striving to find alternative financing models as well as optimising their spend and reducing wastage in the system. Public Private Partnerships in various forms are widely seen as a potential solution to mitigate the scarcity of financial resources.

Taking this into account, Sysmex will facilitate a panel discussion focusing on PPP’s on the African continent.  The PPP topic will be reviewed from different perspectives including a financial academic perspective; a private sector perspective; government and NGO perspective and lastly the perspective of relevant implementing partners.  Through this panel discussion our objective is to unpack assumptions and uncover realities while looking at best practice from PPP stakeholders.  Answering the questions around what is a PPP in our healthcare context, who are the partners in a PPP and what is the successful outcome for all partners.  This symposium aims to enrich the PPP knowledge and understanding for all delegates attending this session.

ASLM Conference 2016 Tuesday symposium

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