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Issues of haemostasis in pregnancy, contraception and hormone replacement therapy Coagulation emergencies – understanding why turnaround times are vital Medical Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Assurance The role of the haematology laboratory in monitoring patients with HIV – beyond CD4 testing Red blood cell indices Introducing automated body fluid analysis into the haematology laboratory Von Willebrand Disease Lupus Anticoagulant testing in the coagulation laboratory Quality control in full blood count analysis The role of the D-dimer test in clinical diagnostics Basic Haematology Introduction to coagulation heparin The Prothrombin Time Test Introduction to coagulation – preanalytical influences Introduction to coagulation – haemostasis Controlo de qualidade no teste de coagulação Hemofilia – uma abordagem do laboratório de diagnóstico Controlo de qualidade na análise do hemograma completo – pelo bem do doente O papel do teste do D-dímero no diagnóstico clínico Hematologia básica Introdução à coagulação – heparina Teste do tempo de protrombina Introdução à coagulação – influência pré-analítica Introdução à coagulação – hemostase SEED Hématologie Contrôle qualité dans le cadre des tests de coagulation L’hémophilie: méthode de diagnostic en laboratoire Contrôle qualité dans l’analyse de la NFS – pour le bien du patient Le rôle du test D-dimères dans le diagnostic clinique. Hématologie de base Introduction à la coagulation – héparine Mesure du temps de Quick Introduction à la coagulation – influences pré-analytiques Introduction à la coagulation – hémostase Lymphocyte Follicular lymphoma Atypical lymphocyte Prolymphocytes and lymphocytes Modified morphology of cells Blood film contaminated by saliva Bacterial aggregates on blood film Streptococcal septicaemia Epithelial cells Clostridium perfringens Auto-immune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) Red blood cells Red blood cells Pseudo-fragmentocytes Fragmented red blood cells and thrombocytopenia Red blood cells and lymphocyte Acanthocytes Echinocytes Echinocytes Acanthocytes Howell-Jolly bodies Howell-Jolly body Howell-Jolly body Red blood cell with basophilic stippling and polychromatic red blood cell HbH cell 'Rouleaux formation' 'Rouleaux formation' and clumping Edge of blood film Disturbed cell distribution Frozen blood sample Granulocyte Degraded granulocytes Granulocytes of a patient treated with GCS-F Band cells Pseudo-Pelger's nuclear anomalies Pollen in blood film Schizont of plasmodium malariae Giant platelet Platelet on top of red blood cell Plasmodium falciparum Mucous membrane epithelial cell Drop of saliva Breast carcinoma cells on blood film Endothelial cells on blood film Malignant melanoma cells on blood film Blood film with staining artefact Striations with a blue cast on blood film Flocculated cryoglobulins Blood film with striations with a blue cast Extreme haemolysis Abnormal platelets Platelets Anisocytosis of platelets Accumulation of platelets on granulocytes Thrombocytosis, anisocytosis of platelets and giant platelets Hairy cell leukaemia-variant Cytoplasmic protrusions of a lymphocyte Cytoplasmic fragments split off a blast Hairy lymphocyte Hairy cell leukaemia Acute haemolysis Blood sample reflecting acute intravascular haemolysis Auto-immune haemolytic anaemia Agglutinated red blood cells and marked polychromasia Schistocytes and thrombocytopenia Leucoerythroblastic condition and schistocytes Colorectal carcinoma cells in bone marrow T-cell large granular lymphocytic (LGL) leukaemia Severe aplastic anaemia Acute T lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) Chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia / prolymphocytic leukaemia Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML-M4) Platelet aggregates Thrombocytopenia and platelet anisocytosis Platelet satellitosis Thrombocytopenia and detection of cytoplasm fragments from monoblasts Iron deficiency anaemia Erythrocytosis Severe aplastic anaemia Tumour cells from malignant melanoma Breast cancer cells Bone marrow analysis of a breast cancer patient B-ALL / Burkitt lymphoma Auer rods in cytoplasm of myeloblasts Cortical T-ALL Streptococci in blood film Incidental detection of Borrelia recurrentis Atypical promyelocyte in peripheral blood Diagnosis of AML in bone marrow Typical blasts in AML-M3v Extreme thrombocytosis in chronic myelogenous leukaemia Flocculated cryoglobulin in phase contrast microscopy image Thrombocytosis and platelet anisocytosis Gametocyte Thick blood film with high density of malaria pathogens Throphozoites with malaria tropica Malaria parasite Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) in prefibrotic stage Bone marrow histology showing prefibrotic stage of PMF Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) in fibrotic stage Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) in bone marrow histology Peripheral blood of a patient with breast cancer and bone metastases Bone marrow cytology showing many tumour cells of breast cancer Infiltration of bone marrow by a lobular carcinoma of the breast Infiltration of bone marrow by a lobular carcinoma of the breast Bone marrow histology of a patient with breast cancer Peripheral blood showing a typical B-CLL B-CLL with granulocytopenia Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia / prolymphocytic leukaemia Peripheral blood of a patient with B-CLL Dense infiltration of bone marrow by B-CLL Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) Blast cells in peripheral blood Blasts in bone marrow cytology Bone marrow histology with blast cells Bone marrow histology showing blasts Giant platelets in peripheral blood Peripheral blood of a patient with ET showing an isolated thrombocytosis Peripheral blood of a patient with CML Exceptionally large megakaryocytes Abundant and atypical megakaryocytes Bone marrow histology of a patient with severe aplastic anaemia Peripheral blood of a patient showing isolated neutropenia Isolated congenital reduction of erythropoiesis in bone marrow Pancytopenia (tricytopenia) in peripheral blood Bone marrow cytology of a patient with aplastic anaemia Peripheral blood of a patient with CML Peripheral blood of a patient with CML Bone marrow cytology of a patient with CML High number of megakaryocytes BCR-ABL fusion gene detected by fluorescence-in-situ-hybridisation Hodgkin cells Hodgkin's lymphoma Gaucher cells Bone marrow histology of a patient with sarcoidosis Bone marrow cytology showing predominantly ringed sideroblasts Peripheral blood of a patient with MDS Bone marrow histology showing altered bone marrow architecture and pronounced dysplasia Macrocytic, hyporegenerative anaemia Bone marrow cytology showing dysplastic changes in all cell lineages Bone marrow cytology of a patient with multiple myeloma 'Rouleaux formation' of red blood cells 'Rouleaux formation' in blood of a patient with chronic polyarthritis Bone marrow cytology of a patient with CMML Plasma cells in bone marrow of a patient with multiple myeloma Iron accumulation in bone marrow Increase of all three cell lineages in peripheral blood of a patient with PV Blood film of a patient with polycythaemia vera (PV) Bone marrow histology with an increased number of megakaryocytes Lymphoma cells in peripheral blood Mantle cell lymphoma infiltrating bone marrow Hairy cell leukaemia Bone marrow cytology of a patient with immunocytoma Bone marrow infiltrated by a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Normal bone marrow cytology Normal bone marrow cytology UX-2000 – Urinalysis analyzer product video XS-Series – Outstanding X-Class technology Counting of highly fluorescent lymphocytes (HFLC) as antibody-producing plasma cells on XE-5000 Examples of body fluid analysis with the XE-5000 The immature platelet fraction (IPF) - The first to know about megakaryocyte activity Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of erythropoiesis with RET-He even on XE-2100 and XT-2000i The clinical relevance of measuring NRBC in the XN-CBC The Immature Granulocyte Count - The first to know about inflammation The 'second generation' urine Fluoresence Flow Cytometry: the key to modern screening for urinary tract infections Sysmex UF-1000i and UF-500i: the modern age of urinalysis XE-5000 Case Manager - combining laboratory information with clinical knowledge XS-Series - Sysmex 5-part differential haematology analyser with fluorescence technology for small workloads XS-Series - Ideal for paediatric blood analysis XT 4000i Pushing limits in routine lab haematology The immature platelet fraction (IPF) in neonates Usefulness of neut-x determination in routine diagnostic procedures: application to myelodysplastic syndromes Haematology reference intervals for established and novel parameters in healthy adults Fighting for fair competition: blood doping – a persistent challenge and smart approaches to detect it Platelet morphology and IPF during treatment with haemodialysis CA-101 & CA-104 Coagulation analyser CS-5100 Coagulation System The 5 Principles of Silent Design XP-300 – Haematology analyzer Emergency myocardial infarction — the live-saving discovery of a hidden leukaemia Impressions of the IFCC Worldlab 2011 in Berlin – Launch of the new XN series by Sysmex Optimisation of the quality of the results and the turn-around times in the laboratory Early detection of essential thrombocythaemia reduces the risk of stroke in a clinic patient Acute promyelocytic leukaemia - the diagnostic pathway illustrated by an emergency patient case Impressions from the Sysmex European Haematology Symposium 2013 in Lyon 3rd European OSNA User Club focuses on scientific projects Teor de hemoglobina dos reticulócitos - acrescentar valor ao diagnóstico da anemia Testes de anticoagulante lúpico no laboratório de coagulação O papel do laboratório de hematologia na monitorização de doentes com VIH – para além do exame de CD4 Os índices eritrocitários O papel do esfregaço de sangue periférico no laboratório de hematologia moderno Acreditação e Garantia da Qualidade em Laboratórios Clínicos IFCC World Lab Istanbul 2014 A guide to laboratory investigation of haemolysis Nucleated red blood cells and automated haematology analysers Establishing reference ranges for coagulation testing L’analyse automatisée des liquides corporels dans les laboratoires d’hématologie Maladie de von Willebrand - Coagulation Teneur en hémoglobine des réticulocytes : valeur ajoutée pour les diagnostics de l’anémie Recherche d’anticoagulant de type lupique dans le laboratoire de coagulation Bilan de thrombophilie en laboratoire Indices érythrocytaires Rôle du frottis sanguin périphérique en laboratoire d’hématologie moderne Accréditation des laboratoires médicaux et assurance qualité Quality Guidance Manual Introduction to the basics of CD4 and HIV Viral Load Testing Nucleated Red Blood Cell Myeloblast Promyelocyte Myelocyte Metamyelocyte Band cell Promonocyte Monocyte Basophil Segmented neutrophil Eosinophil Prolymphocyte Lymphocyte Plasma cell Hairy cell Atypical lymphocytes suspected reactive Blast Cell SNCS - the quality control solution for the haematology laboratory Quality control in coagulation testing Haemophilia - a laboratory diagnostic approach The new oral anticoagulant drugs - what influence do they have on routine coagulation testing Haematology Results Interferences Flagging and Interpretation - Part II Fibrinogen - when should one test The role of the peripheral blood smear in the modern haematology laboratory Automated haematology sample interferences flagging and results interpretation - Part 1 Laboratory evaluation of thrombophilia Basic document requirements for Medical Laboratory Accreditation - Part II Reticulocyte haemoglobin content - adding value to anaemia diagnostics Basic document requirements for Medical Laboratory Accreditation The Thrombin Time test and Reptilase test - what is their role in coagulation testing Urinalysis - a basic introduction SNCS - la solution de controle qualite adaptee au laboratoire d hematologie FR Assessing platelet function-a basic introduction An approach to the bleeding patient Apoptosis Sequence Immuno Sequence SEED: The ‘erythrocyte sedimentation rate’: a well-timed indicator of clinical value White Paper Cytometry White Paper Cytometry White Paper: Novel haematological parameters for rapidly monitoring the immune system response White Paper: Differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia White Paper: Identifying poor antiplatelet drug response and its risks early on White Paper: Importance of the immature platelet count for effectively managing immune thrombocytopenia ITP treatment White Paper: Managing stem cell apheresis effectively White Paper: Managing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation pre- and post-apheresis White Paper: White blood cell functionality SEED: Quality control materials: the better you treat them, the more you can trust your haematology results Malaria diagnostics in the era of improved malaria control Sysmex SEED Synovial fluid - part 1 main characteristics SEED: Haematology - Biomedical Validation SEED: Traceability and measurement uncertainty Sysmex SEED Introduction des notions de base sur les tests de charge virale en CD4 et VIH SEED: Quality Control in Haematology Diagnostic de paludisme a l epoque du controle accru de la maladie SEED Reference ranges - What Sysmex can offer SEED: The importance of thrombocytopenia and its causes SEED: Internal quality control in haematology – for the sake of the patient SEED: The blast cell - a diagnostic heavyweight SEED: Looking deeper into inflammatory conditions from a laboratory and clinical perspective SEED: Synovial fluid – part 2 laboratory evaluation SEED: Body fluid cell counts – how to perform and interpret the results Radiologist Dr El Bejjani Surgeon Dr Alran Workflow of OSNA RD-210 SEED: Urinalysis - Kidney disease, the silent epidemic knocking on our doors White paper: Anaemia management
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