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DigniLife – the unique scalp cooling concept

Chemotherapy is tough on the body and tough on the mind. Studies show that chemotherapy-induced alopecia is one of the most distressing side effects. Since the 1970s, various attempts have been made to prevent hair loss using scalp cooling. Our unique DigniLife concept addresses the unmet issues from the past. And helps.

The Dignilife concept is customised to your needs. It includes our FDA-approved DigniCap scalp cooling system and a range of unique services:

  • Consulting and support for you and your staff for implementing DigniLife in your practice.
  • Training for treating your patients with our DigniCap scalp cooling system.
  • Scientific support from experts for clinical evaluations and knowledge in the area of oncology.
  • Tailored assistance so you can inform patients and referring doctors about your new service. 

How does DigniLife work…

…for the patient?

The principle of scalp cooling and preventing alopecia

The principle of scalp cooling to prevent hair loss has been around for some decades now. The basics are simple: prevent the harmful chemotherapy from getting to the roots of the hair by reducing blood flow and hair is retained.

DigniLife Treatment

DigniLife is the latest generation of customised scalp cooling based on comfort, confidence and convenience.

Not too cold, but cold enough

DigniLife features a sensor-controlled scalp-cooling mechanism, which maintains the temperature at above 0°C throughout the entire application period. While taking the individual patient reaction into consideration, the cooling is controlled in such a way that you achieve a constant therapy treatment, and the cooling is only as intense as required for effective therapy.

Pleasant for the patient…

The cooling cap is made of soft silicon, which stays unchanged even at the treatment temperature. The cap remains easy to handle and fits every head shape. Thanks to the constant treatment temperature, the DigniCap can be used even in cases in which the hair has already thinned.

…and safe for you

The complete cooling application procedure is recorded electronically. This means you can document the flawless operation of the system – an important feature for quality management in your clinic and one that allows you to evaluate the process in detail afterwards. 

…for you?

Established method, new approach

Scalp cooling can prevent chemotherapy-induced alopecia. With DigniLife we offer you a sophisticated concept for successfully integrating this treatment option into routine in your clinic or surgery.

DigniLife – individual implementation

We will work together with you to put together your own personalised solution for your patients using a modular approach. As a result, the package we put together for you will be based on your individual requirements, and be ideally aligned with the established practices in your facility.

Successful routines

Simplified routine application and high treatment success rates are our top priority. We will accompany you where, when and how you would like us to. Because every team is different and requires a custom-made solution. This sets the foundation for the best treatment possible. 

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U.S. FDA de novo clearance for the DigniCap!

DigniCap® – The First U.S. FDA-Cleared Scalp Cooling System

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