Sysmex South Africa

CyFlow miniPOC

  • Easy to perform quick results, precise and accurate
  • Patient blood analysis within 3 minutes
  • Throughput: From single measurements up to 20 CD4/CD4% tests per hour
  • Dry/Iyophilized mAb reagents, shelf life: 6 months
  • Rechargeable battery dock* up to 4-5 hours operation

The solution for decentralized CD4 and CD4% testing

The CyFlow miniPOC is a portable/mobile, compact and robust flow cytometer for determining CD4 and CD4% from one sample run. It offers excellent performance ideally suited for primary health centers, PMTCT sites and remote areas.

The CyFlow miniPOC, in combination with the miniPOC CD4% count kit, is an easy to perform and rapid CD4 absolute and CD4% counting system, ideal for monitoring HIV/AIDS patients under treatment programs.

The CyFlow miniPOC is a small, fully equipped and all-inclusive flow cytometer constructed specifically to be taken along to patients living in remote areas. The miniPOC can run on a rechargeable battery so that it does not need a regular power supply. Simple sample preparation, touchscreen operation, automated analysis, data saving and the option of printing the data deliver easy handling even under tough conditions.



Order Information

Order Information

  • CY-S-3033/ CyFlow miniPOC
  • 05-8409-d / Sysmex Partec miniPOC CD4% count kit - dry, 20 tests
  • CY-S-3091 / Transportation Bag for CyFlow miniPOC
  • CY-S-3096 / Battery Pack for CyFlow miniPOC
  • CY-S-3099 / Solar Panel for Battery Pack for CyFlow miniPOC


Light Sources:

  • 30mW, 532nm green solid state laser


  • Excitation optic elliptical 15µm x 100µm at 532nm

Flow System:

  • Synthetic quartz flow cuvette (channel dimensions: 250µm x 350µm) for laminar sample flow
  • Computer controlled precision syringe pump for contamination-free sample transport and volumetric absolute counting
  • Pump speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µl/sec.
  • Built in vacuum pump for sheath fluid (200mbar)


  • Windows™ Software
  • Diagram with 4-decade logarithmic scale
  • Trigger on fluorescence parameter


L 270mm x W 188mm x H 240mm 

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