Sysmex is active in a broad spectrum of healthcare areas. In addtion to information for healthcare professionals we also provide applied information for privat individuals seeking assistance in our
areas of expertise. 

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Haematology Quality Guidance Manual

Sysmex, a global manufacturer of haematology diagnostic solutions, prides itself in being a partner for healthcare advancement in Africa. In pursuance of accurate laboratory diagnostics, accreditation has become a core focus area for laboratories in Africa. Whilst accredited laboratories undoubtedly consistently produce better quality results, the reality is that achieving accreditation status is a daunting task. In recognition that “accreditation” is easier said than done, Sysmex has created a “Sysmex Quality Guidance Manual”.                 

The objective of this manual is to simplify the process for Sysmex haematology analyser users by providing a step by step guide to the documentation and procedures that are required to be compliant with accreditation requirements.

Quality Guidance Manual

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