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Professional Services

Our professional services consist of software and IT solutions that make life and work in a laboratory easier and more effective.

They include our XN-IPU, our Extended IPU and our Support Manager. They provide one “look and feel” for every solution: modular and scalable to address today’s laboratories’ needs. They can be fully integrated in all Sysmex solutions and are easy to learn and use – the XN-IPU and Support manager have a common user touchscreen interface. 

The professional services are a great basis for supporting the ever-increasing demand in legal and workflow requirements for laboratories as well as the increasing accreditation requirements. They apply a well thought-out standardisation of sample and data flow management and documentation. In simple terms, this powerful management system makes sure samples are always in the right place at the right time – and coupled with a tube sorter, the system can deal with most samples at maximum efficiency. It also helps reduce the total blood volume required by the analysers for analytics.

Professional services:

  • Synchronise sample, order and data flow
  • Offer advanced technical validation
  • Help standardise your workflow
  • Help you monitor your performance
  • Support the increasing regulatory accreditation requirements


Our new XN IPU software concept is a milestone in terms of laboratory workflow support software. It follows a consistent and common user interface and a brand new usability concept. This addresses operation near to the analyser up to the supervisor’s office who is in charge of controlling

Extended IPU

The Extended IPU, as an integrated component of all XN-3000, XN-3100 and XN-9100 configurations, controls the complete order management for the EDTA tubes. This automation and optimisation of the workflow process, with rack management and tube registration, means each individual EDTA tube is fully traceable. The system also produces fewer false positive results because the Extended IPU validates the entire process with a Sysmex proprietary haematology rule set. It is optional for XN-1000, XN-2000 and for XN-L Series analysers.

Support Manager

The Support Manager supports the XN-IPU (information-processing unit) of XN and XN-L analysers within dedicated work areas. It ensures availability and the high analytical performance 24/7 through continuous remote service in compliance with accreditation guidelines.

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