Sysmex South Africa

Customer support

Service Engineers

Our team of service engineers support our Distributors when needed to ensure that we are able to offer the quickest possible repair and maintenance procedures on our Sysmex analysers. Our engineers are provided with regular training on all of the latest technology and software upgrades, to maximise their skills and expertise.  If a phone-fix is not possible, an engineer visit will be schedule, keeping you informed of their estimated arrival time. Our aim is to ensure minimal disruption and to significantly reduce instrument down-time.

Applications Specialists

We have a dedicated Applications Team offering training and support to our Distributors and customers. Like our engineers our Applications specialist is provided with regular training on all of the latest analysers and technology to be able to assist all distributors with any questions they have.

Sysmex South Africa Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is manned daily by a team of highly trained Application Specialists and Technical Engineers to supported to ensure all incoming calls or e-mails get logged, tracked and assigned to the appropriate Specialist to ensure that your call is dealt with by the correct person offering the highest level of assistance quickly and effectively.

Our aim is minimise our customers down time.

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