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Sysmex Network Communication System (SNCS) IQAS Online

  • daily external quality control complaint with ISO/IEC 17043*
  • used for haematology, body fluids and urinalysis
  • international comparison of analysers of the same type
  • all reportable and sensitivity parameters
  • immediate online evaluation

Using our analysers’ networking capabilities and our control material, we offer an internet-based external quality control system, known as SNCS IQAS Online. SNCS stands for Sysmex Network Communication System. It integrates daily internal QC and international external quality assurance in a single QC measurement. It helps you save time and keeps costs down.

Each analyser’s performance is checked in both open and closed mode, for the normal and abnormally low and high levels of the control material for haematology, body fluids analysis and urinalysis. The individual results of all parameters are transferred automatically to the SNCS server via internet. Likewise, all participants’ data from countries around the world are collected each day and evaluated statistically to calculate an international peer group value for each parameter.

In addition to the familiar assay value comparison of the internal QC, QC data can be viewed via different graphical and numerical display types as compared to peer group data.

One of the main benefits of SNCS IQAS Online is confidence: if the server detects relevant deviations from peer group data, an error message system is activated automatically. Data is also safe. Only pure QC information is sent to the SNCS server. Access is limited to the individual laboratory data and is password protected.

*SNCS IQAS Online has been recently accredited by JAB (Japanese Accreditation Board) and certified to be compliant with the ISO/IEC 17043. 

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